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Like flap exhaust systems or sports exhaust systems in general, we are currently in a grey area. The great advantage of the active audio systems described here with regard to the TÜV subject is certainly that they are almost always installed inside (trunk) and only the sound channel comes out under the vehicle. Therefore, the systems are not relevant for indoor installation, at least in terms of safety. Nothing can “fall” or dazzle or negatively affect other road users (the amplifier/actuator of sound weighs 4-5 kg and would perhaps be a danger if not properly installed under the vehicle. It could detach). In principle, however, active PA systems are usually sold without TÜV / certificate / ABE – i.e. without special approval in the field of StVo. With an active audio system, on the other hand, the volume is infinitely adjustable and can also be muted – so it`s up to you to decide how “legal” you are on the road. You can receive your booster in fall 2022 once four months have passed since your last COVID-19 vaccine or confirmed a coronavirus infection.

The Active Sound System was installed for the first time ex works by Audi on all 313 hp Bi-Turbo TDI engines. The operation of this system is based on an external noise generator (sound actuator). Very high quality speakers are installed in the sound actuators, which simulate a bulky motor sound. We strongly recommend that vulnerable people have a reminder. The following are considered vulnerable: The Active Sound Booster is first and foremost environmentally friendly, as you get a sound exhaust sound for which you don`t need a new exhaust or a fuel-guzzling V8 engine. In this way, fuel consumption and the environment are spared. If you come with your vehicle on your way through a noise protection zone or at night through a residential area, you also have the option of simply turning off the KUFATEC Active Sound Booster. It`s never been easier to be cool while protecting the environment. We strongly recommend that all vulnerable persons receive a reminder in the fall of 2022. Any other person 16 years of age or older can also get a recall. This is especially recommended for healthcare professionals and caregivers of vulnerable people.

One way to avoid unpleasant discussions would be to simply disable the system during inspections or TÜV appointments. Not because it would be illegal in principle, but simply to avoid tedious discussions with overly critical reviewers. When the system is turned off, the system is usually not recognizable at all due to the hidden installation inside. In addition, anyone over the age of 16 can receive a reminder. These individuals have a very low risk of contracting severe COVID-19 in the fall of 2022. Boosters provide mild, short-term protection against mild infections and illnesses. This can be especially important for health professionals and caregivers of vulnerable people. Boosters are therefore recommended for all those who wish to reduce their risk of infection for professional and/or personal reasons (moderate/low level of recommendation). – 100% REAL SOUND: Exhaust sound recorded by real cars for realistic sound. You can get another reminder in the fall of 2022, when four months have passed since your last recall.

A dose of vaccine is usually given as a booster dose in the fall of 2002. For your booster, you should ideally have an mRNA vaccine adapted to the variant (bivalent) or the Novavax protein-based vaccine, if available (exceptions for certain groups see below). The type of vaccine you have received in the past does not affect which vaccine you receive for your booster. The Universal Soundbooster for all petrol and diesel vehicles for a mega sound! 1. Motor vehicles shall be equipped with at least one audible warning device, the sound of which warns vulnerable road users when approaching a motor vehicle without frightening them and without causing more than inevitable nuisance to others. When more than one audible alarm is installed, care must be taken to ensure that only one device can be activated at a time. Switching to one apparatus or another must not allow a sequence of sounds of different fundamental frequencies to be emitted. COVID-19 vaccination statistics can be found in More detailed information on COVID-19 vaccination financing can be found on the page for healthcare professionals (in German, French and Italian).

(3) Motor vehicles which, on the basis of Article 52 (3), are equipped with blue flashing beacons must be equipped with at least one warning device with a sequence of sounds of different fundamental frequencies (emergency horn). If more than one horn is installed, ensure that only one horn can be operated at a time. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should receive mRNA vaccine (not Novavax protein-based vaccine). – UPDATES: The software is constantly evolving and new features are added. – COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles. The system can be easily transferred to the new car when changing vehicles. Fully usable via the vehicle`s original buttons. General information on COVID-19 vaccination with an mRNA vaccine (PDF, 435 kB, 08.08.2022) The sound of my four-cylinder engine disappoints me a bit and is not too much fun to drive.

Now I came across so-called Internet sound generators, which promise V6 or V8 sound for every car by means of mobile phone control. I read that such sound generators are generally not banned in Switzerland. For me, it would not be a higher volume, but only a pleasant sound, for example a deep rumble of the V8. What is the exact legal situation? – TEST BEFORE YOU BUY: You have the opportunity to test the Active Sound System directly on your vehicle before buying it, for free! – CUSTOMIZABLE: Refine and configure any sound profile in the mobile app as you like. You can configure several different profiles. The software can be downloaded for free from the App Store/Play Store. Have you always dreamed that your vehicle sounds like an eight-cylinder engine? Then the Sound Booster is exactly the right solution for you and your car. It doesn`t matter what make of car you own and whether it`s a gasoline or diesel engine. The KUFATEC Active Sound Booster can be installed in any vehicle. Fact sheet: Vaccination with Janssen vector vaccine (PDF, 480 kB, 30.06.2022) At most vaccination sites, you will receive a printed proof of vaccination from your healthcare staff after vaccination. This proof of vaccination contains the date and place of vaccination as well as information about the vaccine administered (trade name, manufacturer and batch number). At some vaccination sites, you can register COVID-19 vaccines directly in your vaccination record.

Proof of vaccination is a medical certificate and not an official document. For mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna), existing (monovalent) vaccines or variant-adapted bivalent vaccines are suitable. Current evidence shows that mRNA vaccines used to date also offer good protection against severe forms of the disease (including hospitalizations) with the new variants of Omicron. Unnecessary interventions that increase noise on the vehicle and its approved components are prohibited. – POWERFUL SOUND: Makes your car more powerful and stronger. This sound is not achieved with any sports exhaust system. If you are pregnant or trying to have a baby and have questions about vaccination, talk to your doctor or midwife. (3a) A motor vehicle that is equipped with a stop signal and red light lettering transmitters under section 52 (3a) may be equipped with an additional warning device, the stop horn, in addition to the warning device prescribed in subsection (3), the emergency horn. It must be ensured that the stop horn can only be activated in conjunction with the stop signal and signal transmitter for red light lettering. It shall not be possible to actuate the warning devices jointly. Sound actuators are installed universally invisibly on the vehicle, depending on the vehicle under the bumper, the recess of the spare wheel, etc. installed.

And is therefore not visible during inspections or MFK. In Switzerland, EU Regulation 540/2014 applies, which aims to harmonise limit values for noise emissions from motor vehicles. The level of the limits varies according to the ratio between the power and the weight of the vehicle. For high-performance vehicles, this limit is 75 decibels; by 2026, it is to be gradually reduced to a maximum of 72 dB. We recommend that you have two doses of COVID-19 vaccine four weeks apart in the fall of 2022. Your canton is responsible for implementing the vaccination recommendation. On the website of your canton, you will find answers to the following questions: How is vaccination organised? How do you register? There is a list of cantonal websites on – EASY MOUNTING: Easy installation under the rear bumper, invisible from the outside. No cables should be cut and nothing should be welded! According to a letter from TÜV, §55 StVo could apply here: “Equipment for audible signals”, provided that the system is classified as an “audible signal” – i.e. as a “horn”.

Sections 1, 2 and 4 are decisive in that regard. In principle, these say how a “horn” should be designed – and of course, this would not include an active sound system.