Small Business Case Examples

In addition, the case study examples above will help you see how other companies overcome their situation to take their business to new heights. Partnerships and collaboration can push companies to maximize their cost savings. It allows companies to strengthen their programs with the resources and tools available. To help you create an engaging, high-converting case study, we`ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Take a look and get inspired by these examples for your next brilliant case study design. Or fill out the form below to access free case study templates. The most important aspect of scaling a small business is understanding the customer`s needs. Therefore, you need to develop a compelling marketing strategy to attract customers and compete with other businesses in the market. The page is short and pleasant, ending with a compelling call to action – “AdRoll has generated more than seven billion in revenue for its clients. Try it now. The clean, white-space-hungry page is an effective example of using a case study to capture future leads. Sometimes the best way to start with results is to grab your readers` attention. In Clinique`s case study, AdRoll does just that, starting with impressive numbers: “8.5x ROI, 14x ROAS, 265% revenue.” Once AdRoll has boldly articulated its findings, it intelligently pulls out to discuss the “benefits of personalized ads,” making the viewer think about how those same benefits could help their own business.

Small businesses or industries (SSIs) offer products and services on a small scale. Typically, a small business in the United States has fewer than 250 employees. In addition, it has small capital investments and less office space. Budweiser`s one-sided, poster-like case study reflects a brand that knows its audience. Anomaly`s case study for Budweiser looks avant-garde and modern, with a design that playfully pushes the text to the right as it features images of social media influencers wearing a campaign-related t-shirt. The top and bottom of the page are eye-catching, and the text itself is simple and straightforward. Amp Agency Patagonia`s marketing strategy was to attract new audiences through guerrilla marketing efforts and a coast-to-coast road trip. Their case study page effectively conveys a travel theme, with real photos of Patagonia customers across the U.S.

and a map of the expedition. Personally, it`s Amp Agency`s narrative approach that grabs viewers` attention from start to finish, simply because it`s an intriguing and unique marketing approach. Sure, you can tell potential customers that your marketing team is the best at running YouTube campaigns or effectively increasing a website`s cost per acquisition (CPA), but until you offer examples, they`ll have a hard time believing you. The best thing about companies is that they try to find a solution to every challenge. This brings out the competition in the market, which is huge for developing different types of solutions that a company can adopt. A brand must first contain a mission, vision and values. It also requires a brand positioning statement that can differentiate your business from the competition. It`s important to create a unique brand personality. To do this, businesses need to design a good logo, as customers are more likely to recognize a business looking at a logo.

They need to identify their target audience to create a good brand image. Scaling a small business is a very difficult process. Whether it`s creating a budget or hiring employees, you need to focus on the things that work best for your business. Planning, prospect targeting, marketing strategy, etc. are crucial steps to grow businesses and compete with large companies. While Asana`s case study design may seem text-heavy at first, there`s a good reason: it reads like a creative story and is told entirely from the customer`s perspective. For example, Asana knows you won`t take their word for it just about their impressive customer service, so they let Drew, StyleHaul`s senior vice president of business and network operations, tell them, “Our head of customer success, Michael, was amazing. If I had a question, I wasn`t put in a queue – I could answer it immediately. The entire case study reads like an in-depth interview and captivates the reader through creative storytelling. A case study is a detailed history of something your company has done. This involves a start – often discussing a conflict, an explanation of what happened next, and a solution explaining how the company solved or improved something.

A good case study is also often filled with research and statistics to support the results of a project. Here is a design company that knows how to lead with simplicity in its case studies. Once the visitor arrives on the page, they are greeted by a large bold photo and two very simple columns of text – “The challenge” and “The result”. In each case study, I will share with you the challenge the owner faced, the goals we set for ourselves, the actions we took, and the results achieved – many in less than six months. Businesses don`t operate alone. You need workers with skills to manage different departments. In general, the number of employees in a small business ranges from 1 to 500 people. It is easy to get these workers, but it is difficult to get a qualified one and takes a lot of time. Manufacturer: While the company was generating more than 250 new leads per year, it was only converting 6% of those leads into actual sales – a waste of time and money.

Learn how we doubled conversion rates to increase profits by 14% without discounting or compromising profit margins. It can be risky to include obstacles in your case studies, but with great risk comes a great reward, right? In the case of Infegy, their closed content is worth filling in to fill out the form, especially since their client is a big name in the automotive industry: Lexus. The PDF case study reads like a compelling news article, including headlines like “The Rise of Lexus” and “The Fall of Lexus,” colorful pie charts, and real online reviews from customers unhappy with old Lexus Christmas ads. The PDF is six pages long, but has a large font and plenty of white space, so viewers can easily wade through it in just a few minutes. There are three common challenges that businesses must overcome. This includes managing expenses, hiring employees, and tracking new trends to grow a customer base. However, it is not easy to reduce costs. It is influenced by supply and demand. If companies need to keep up with market demands, then the opportunity to increase spending is 100%. There are several case studies of different companies that can teach you what strategy you should use to sell your product and attract the target audience. Fortunately, the cloud phone system has eliminated the dilemma of creating business budgets, as cloud phone services are cheaper than older phone services. A catchy title is one of the simplest and most effective ways to highlight your case study – like Apptio`s Cisco Systems case study, “Velocity to Value: A Mature IT Services Transformation Enables IT to Continuous Simplify and Innovate.” The play is well organized and uses compelling titles to keep the reader engaged, and provides a side panel for viewers who only need the bullet points.

Despite its length, Apptio`s case study is engaging enough to grab the viewer`s attention. Zendesk`s Airbnb case study reads like a blog and also focuses on Zendesk and Airbnb, highlighting a true partnership between the companies. To captivate readers, he begins like this: “On the other side of the world, you can stay with your name. At least for a weekend. The play focuses on telling a good story and features photos of beautiful Airbnb places. In a case study designed to highlight Zendesk`s helpfulness, nothing could be more authentic than its decision to focus so much on Airbnb`s service. The thing about new trends is that companies need to sell their products at the right time. This means that they need to study the market more to speculate on their next products. If a small business does not deliver at the top of the trend, it suffers a heavy loss. As far as businesses are concerned, there are always obstacles to overcome. Starting a business is in itself a great achievement for entrepreneurs, but the biggest challenge is getting one. This has a direct impact on improving the efficiency of their operations.

This improves the credibility of the company in the market. About 45% of professionals consider customer experience a top priority for business growth. The George Institute decided to show the case study of its TEXTCARE program in a documentary video with real people discussing how TEXTCARE helped them become healthier and more active. If the results of your case study have benefited people, there`s probably no better way to show it than through on-screen interviews. A video is a phenomenal way to grab a viewer`s attention, but in today`s world, it can be difficult to keep potential customers` eyes on the screen. To combat this, App Annie`s case study on Coca-Cola includes drawings and text to highlight what Greg Chambers, Coca-Cola`s chief innovation officer, is talking about on screen. They also sometimes move away from his face to include full-screen text. By incorporating graphic designs and text into its video, App Annie encourages viewers to engage. Now that you have a large list of examples of deadly case studies, think of a topic you want to write about that showcases your business or your work with a client.