New Oklahoma Laws 2021

L. Michelle Sutton, attorney and lobbyist at Capitol Resource Group, compiled a list of some of the key laws passed by the Oklahoma legislature in 2021. Many of these laws come into force today, November 1. This is only a small part of the laws that the legislature has passed during this session. To see all the laws passed in 2021 and read the text of each law, click here. HB 2689 anticipates that on October 1, 2021, a one-time bursary of $1,200 will be made available to each court reporter. HB 2012: Drafts Oklahoma`s Marijuana Act of 2021 by Rep. Townley and Senator Weaver. (Also listed in the Pharmacies section.) DORMANT These bills were created in response to the unprecedented cold event in February 2021, which caused power outages and increased electricity and fuel costs. They mitigate the long-term effects of this event and introduce procedures to prepare for future extreme weather events.

SB 1049 creates the Unregulated Public Services Protection Act of February 2021. HB 4081: Repeal of Article 5 Chapter 553, O.S.L. 2021, relating to OMMA personnel, written by Representative Wallace. Senator Julia Kirt will hold an interim study on Oct. 24 focused on Oklahoma`s ethics and accountability laws. Texas and West Virginia have introduced similar laws. From criminal justice reforms to updates to medical marijuana rules to state transparency measures, more than 200 new state laws will go into effect Tuesday, and OMMA will then use the rule-writing process to comply with those new state laws. Our current rules can be found on our rules page. HB 2292 creates the Tobacco Products Tax Enforcement Act, 2021. This bill includes several legislative amendments for tobacco retail establishments, including changes to purchases, reporting and the procedure for paying taxes. HB 3530: Instructs OMMA to establish programs and provide funds to support the county sheriff`s enforcement of medical marijuana laws and regulations, drafted by Rep.

D. Hardin and Senator Weaver. (Also listed in the WMA section.) SIGNED The new laws range from setting age limits for motorized scooters to guaranteeing health insurance coverage for diagnostic mammograms. Each year, the Land Electoral Council must consult the voter registration database. Addresses with more than 10 registered voters will be forwarded to local district attorneys who will investigate whether there has been a violation of state election laws. This is just one of the few changes to the state`s medical marijuana laws. OKLAHOMA CITY — Sen. Blake “Cowboy” Stephens conducted an interim study Monday to examine the significant damage caused to livestock and property by birds of prey. Stephens, R-Tahlequah, said the most destructive is the black vulture. Also in the headlines: companies and other companies will also reduce their state taxes from 2022. House Bill 2960 will reduce the state`s corporate income tax from 6% to 4%, resulting in a loss of about $48.5 million in revenue in that fiscal year and $110 million each full year thereafter.

SB 672 specifies that any person between the ages of 18 and 20 may carry an unloaded firearm in or on a vehicle at any time. HB 1797 prohibits a person who is the perpetrator of heinous and shocking abuse by the Department of Social Services from working with child care or providing childcare services. Lawmakers said they would pay the state`s share of $164 million a year (the federal government covers 90 percent of the costs) using increased Medicaid rates triggered by the pandemic, an additional recently passed monetary incentive for states to accept expansion, and hospital provider fees. HB 1135 concerns private property. It eliminates the requirement to post “Trespassing Prohibition” signs for criminal trespassing if garbage, theft or damage is committed. HB 1086 allows a guardian to apply for the transfer of property owned by the municipality to a protective facility. The agreement does not affect rules exempting the transfer of assets or resources to determine Medicaid or Social Security disability and is not considered a property sale. The Agreement will not affect or cancel any existing ownership privileges. Here`s a look at how different segments of Oklahoma`s population will feel the impact of certain laws that lawmakers have or haven`t passed. HB 1019 limits the total amount an insured person must pay for insulin to $30 for a thirty-day care and $90 for a ninety-day care. Bills approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate are submitted to the Governor for consideration.

When the governor signs a bill (or refuses to veto it), it becomes a state law. If the governor vetoes a bill, it does not become a law of the state unless the legislature overrides the veto. SB 398 allows pharmacists to administer vaccines approved by the Food & Drug Administration without a patient-specific prescription, standing order, or similar agreement. HB 1674 makes it an administrative offence to unlawfully interfere with the normal use of a highway, highway or road by restricting motor vehicle traffic by approaching motor vehicles or by endangering the safe movement of motor vehicles or pedestrians. In addition, a driver who accidentally causes injury or death while fleeing an uprising cannot be held criminally or civilly liable. SB 1511: Establishes certain restrictions on the location of commercial producers, written by Senator Rosino and Representative Pfeiffer. Although Gov. Kevin Stitt initially vetoed the bill, state lawmakers lifted the veto on the last day of this year`s regular legislature.