Teclast F5 laptop-transformer

Lived and then died.
Front is also nothing interesting The track of the form RxxxLV was eventually issued on November 21, on November 22 the parcel was marked as sent, then fell silent for a long time, on December 10 it was noted as having arrived in Latvia, on the 14th it was in St. Battery: 3850 mAh Weight (claimed): 1080 grams I was hidden somewhere, so here you have to believe the Chinese). Petersburg and on the 18th came to me (which is strange, usually even from Latvia everything travels through Vnukovo). Dimensions (measured): 275mm X 190mm X 14mm (give or take a millimeter) I already had a deal with Teclast, for their money they are quite decent, although at times they require some refinement with a file. OS: Windows 10 Lena has an asterisk. Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.1, Wifi 2.4G/5G The minimum is to put some kind of thermal pad between the “radiator” and the case. In tablet mode. If the performance characteristics are decent, then it weighs a lot, but if it is light, then there is an atom with 2gb ram / 32gb emmc.
On the left is a headphone jack, volume control, power button, a second microphone and a second speaker. Therefore, when the textlist in tablet mode lies on the table, then everything is fine. There was no shipment from Russia, preparations for shipment from China took a long time. That’s why I made a blamba there from a glue gun, so that the body in this place would provide pressure. Usually you can find this laptop in the region of $320-330, I saw it on gearbest in mid-November for $300 on a flash sale.
On the back there are only hinges. For some, it falls out right on delivery and dangles inside the case. RAM : 8GB DDR4 RAM
On the other hand, Yoga (710-11) is plastic,
so you have to make sure you don’t get scratched. In principle, transformability was not required, an ordinary laptop would fit, but with I didn’t see anything interesting with the necessary TTX. Only an SSD can be upgraded in a laptop – and there is a compartment for it with quick access. Internet, movies, little things – remote administration and work with the database. But an hour before the end of the sale on 11.11, a coupon for $ 50 turned up, so after quick deliberation, it was decided to take the Teclast F5. The textlist in this matter is much better, scratching is not so easy. There was a Lenovo Yoga 710-11 laptop.
Lower side. The thermal pads are fairly evenly fixed. The battery normally turns off (in some cases it is soldered to the motherboard).
I myself have been using the Lenovo Yoga 710-11 for the past two years, so I will periodically compare the Chinese Chinese and the branded Chinese (if anything, another Yoga died, not the one I use). $400 is clearly a price to scare the buyer, and then offer a "discount".
The "cover" of the motherboard, it seems, is made of painted copper – along the way, it acts as a radiator. You can find a replacement for him, but I have nothing to pull out the leg. There is no contact with the case, so there are opportunities to refine the cooling system. Desirable – Acceptable World of Warcraft job. I won’t even say that I used some kind of enormous force. One tightened – rolled his hat. So far I didn’t want to remove protective films – because the laptop is still not for myself, although I later removed it from the screen.
Dimensions relative to A4 sheet. Lenovo Yoga, for example, is fixed with magnets. Bolts, rubber feet and SSD bay.
In addition to the laptop, the kit includes a power supply, an OTG cable for microUSB, and a few booklets. Plus, the touchscreen is just convenient, the touchpad touchscreen bundle allows you to connect the mouse much less often. Processor: Celeron N4100, 4 cores, 1.1GHz (2.4GHz boost) The transport film is pasted.
Well, the Chinese would not be Chinese if they did without joints during assembly. The weak point of laptops, especially transformers. The Chinese usually screw everything to plastic – this is no exception. They say that in some cases they are glued crookedly and there is no contact with microcircuits, or partial. I was sluggishly searching among the used ones, but nothing worthy turned up. Supplied in a large white box (slightly wrinkled in the corners upon delivery).
Hinge attachment. Disk: SSD 128 GB M.2 2242 Everything is integrated, even the Wi-Fi is soldered – do not https://jiji.com.et/252-facial-masks/blackheads change.
Open laptop. As I said, I bought it at the very end of the sale for $255 with a bunch of coupons.
Next to the ten-inch grandfather: Needed an inexpensive replacement (somewhere around $250). But when you hold it in your hands, the screen sometimes vibrates when touched. Removed without any problems, there are few latches. I won’t say that this is very annoying, but such minor flaws are usually for the Chinese. The bolts with which the radiator cap is screwed turned out to be very flimsy.
For comparison, a piece of Yogi:
On the right — usb-C (also used for charging), microHDMI, microUSB (usb2), microphone, card reader (microSD), speaker.
The case material is metal on the outside, the keyboard panel is plastic. Assembled well – does not bend, not a script, the hinges are quite tight, but in the tablet mode it is not fixed, there is a slight backlash. The Teclast label works like a start button. The order was made on November 12, a few days later the seller wrote "I’m sewing up after the sale, please extend the delivery time."
The bottom cover is fixed with 12 bolts, cross. The shipping film is pasted, therefore it glares. Yoga has a metal plate that is “riveted” to the plastic of the lid, and then bolts are screwed to it – that is, the force is not directly on the plastic
is transmitted. Screen: 11.6", 1920×1080, IPS It was required – a more or less worthy processor (better than an atom), 8 gigabytes of RAM, a full-fledged SSD, a diagonal of 11-12 ", weight in the region of a kilogram. With glued transport film. At the opening, he fell out of his nest, had to be glued.

Teclast F5 laptop-transformer

Video card: integrated, Intel HD Graphics 600 But after I took the photos. Ports: USB Type- C, microUSB, microHDMI, microSD, headphones This is one of two magnets that keep the laptop screen closed. Most of the space is occupied by the battery, on the left under the black cover of the motherboard.

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