Computer gaming chair with footrest.

The greatest convenience can be felt while playing games in the console with a joystick, as well as watching movies.
The armrests are attached to the protruding elements on the back and seat:
The pillows themselves have zippers.
The third point is the metal element of the backrest fastening to the adjustment mechanism.
The cross is made of plastic, which looks very durable.
The product was provided for writing a review by the store. You need a hex wrench, which is also included in the kit.
Then the backrest is installed in the adjustment mechanism. The frame looks very solid: Mounting holes are oval in shape to allow slight adjustment during mounting.
The manufacturer kindly provided instructions: Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules I present a review of a fairly popular product now – a gaming computer chair.
The adjustment is made by moving the backrest and tightening the knob. There are holes cut in the skin, it doesn’t look very neat, but everything will be closed with a mount: The upholstery material of this chair is PU-leather. It is a steel pipe welded in the shape of the letter T. Lined with soft pads on top:
The footrest rotates freely on a metal tube.
The last numbered item is the installation of a chair on a gas lift.
In general, we have a fairly comfortable and durable chair that can withstand a load of 120 kg. Faux leather upholstery.
Assembly of the cross with wheels:
The pillows are fastened with elastic straps that have plastic fasteners:
If there is a zipper, then you need to unzip it and see what’s inside: You need to make an effort: To do this, insert the T-piece into the mounting hole.
The next step is to install the footrest:
There is a sticker on the bottom of the seat that indicates where the front of the seat is.
Lower position: Everything fits tightly, there is no play, disassembly of this connection can also cause problems: The seat height and backrest are adjustable. Armrests are made of plastic. in the review I will describe the assembly process with detailed photographs. Polyurethane leather allows air to pass through, as it contains micropores. The quality of the seams is normal:
Close up the soft pad to assess the quality of the seams:
there is a zipper on the back:
The holes are oval shaped for slight adjustment.
And the Chinese put hair in the neck pillow (just kidding) to make it softer: Good afternoon everyone.

Computer gaming chair with footrest.

There are several adjustment elements on the mechanism. Let’s take a closer look at the pillows:
Only 5 wheels: Let’s take it off:
The footrest just pulls forward: All the bolts fit to the mounting points: Made of fairly thick metal and looks very massive. < br />Then flipped:
The seventh point according to the instructions is to install the gas lift into the base. It is a very soft material that retains its properties over a very wide temperature range.
The stand is inserted into plastic guides, which in turn are fastened with two bolts to the bottom of the seat: The frame is made of steel pipe, there are threaded rivets for fastening the back. everything is covered with cellophane.
Close up the stand element to see the quality of the seams: At the same time, let’s take a closer look at the seams:
A bolt is attached to one side of the footrest, which limits the movement of the stand when it is extended: Wheels with rubber pads to avoid scratching the floor:
The adjustment mechanism is attached to the seat with four 6×25 bolts. The chair has an interesting coloring that catches the eye. The pipes look solid, I measured the wall thickness:
Inside the filler is made of a material that resembles foam rubber, you can also see the frame.

The hinge on the armrest allows it to move along with the tilt of the back, which guarantees a comfortable position: The stops are screwed with 8×40 bolts, simultaneously to the back and seat.
The backrest is made in the shape of a car seat, has side stops and ergonomic design:
The wheels are simply inserted into the seats on the cross. It is attached with three 6×40 bolts to the back of the backrest:
And just in case, the height: All the bolts have come to the attachment points:
The T-shaped element also has oval holes for fastening. The armrest has a prefabricated structure, which is bent with a hinge.
The stand moves freely inside the guides, but there is no free play: When the handle is turned, the pipe is compressed, which prevents it from moving: The gas lift is easy to disassemble, just remove the locking plate. All the holes matched with the mounting points, the bolts screwed in without problems.
After unpacking the package, we get the following set: The hinge has plastic plugs. Seat height adjustment lever: The review was published in accordance with clause 18 of the Site Rules.
Measure the wall thickness: According to the instructions, only 8 points, the last point is not numbered.
The gas lift is installed with a casing in the crosspiece. The lumbar pillow contains foam rubber:
Backrest tilt adjustment lever and backrest height adjustment lever: The first step is to attach the adjustment mechanism to the seat. First unscrew the adjustment knob:
The last step is to fix the pillows for the waist and neck. Upper position:
No suspicious defects were found. Let’s measure the length
Assembly is simple. Let’s take a closer look at the seat:
There are holes on the back, in the upper part, which are decorated with plastic inserts: It sits tightly in its seat, it is not very easy to disassemble in the future: Let’s disassemble:
The fifth point is to attach the palm rests or armrests.

Naturally, let’s unfasten the fasteners.
The mechanism for adjusting the chair is also a supporting frame to which all the main elements of the chair are attached.
chair height is made by pressing the lever. No one has been using leatherette in furniture production for many years. The product was provided for writing a review by the store.

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